Migration and Imports

Migrate your Emails easily and quickly

Transferring your mailboxes from your current provider to Qboxmail is fast and straightforward. First, recreate your Mailboxes, Aliases and Forwards. You can do this manually or use our CSV Import tool if you have multiple accounts.

Once you've created your mailbox you can transfer emails from your old server to Qboxmail using the Migration tool. At the end of the migration you’ll receive a notification and you can change your domain's MX Records.


Imports allow you to enable domains and mailboxes effectively via the Qboxmail control panel. You just need to prepare a suitable CSV file to start the process.

The Imports tool lets you enable:

  • Domains
  • Email accounts
  • Domains Alias
  • Email Alias
Emails Imports by Qboxmail

Qboxmail’s Imports tool also lets you create mailboxes from a password Hash (from among those supported), without needing to know the account’s original password.

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Migration is the process of transferring all your emails and folders from your old server to Qboxmail. Using the control panel, you can choose the date and time when you want to start migration. At the selected date and time, Qboxmail will connect to your old server to transfer your emails and recreate all your folders. Once migration is complete, you’ll receive a notification message so you know it’s time to change the domain’s MX record.

Emails Migration by Qboxmail

Qboxbail Migration is a highly advanced tool that allow you to transfer email messages from any provider or a dedicated server that supports IMAP. It can also transfer mailboxes from Gmail, Office 365, and Exchange. MasterUser and OAuth 2.0 transfer is also available so you don’t neeed to know the password of the mailboxes you plan to migrate.

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