Careers in Qboxmail S.r.l.

Qboxmail, company being part of Welcome Italia Group, is hiring in order to expand its development team.

We are developing a service that, starting from emails as a central point, allows companies to let their employees and collaborators to communicate each other in “Agile” way with just a modern web browser, even in or outside the office.

To reach our goal, we need people who can imagine and create scalable architectures in the Backend and Frontend developers who are able to write WebApp extremely light, reactive and usable also by mobile.

In Qboxmail we seeks the best talented people but in special way we want people which are able to work in team, bring new ideas and innovative solutions and available to apply them directly on the field. In particular, we ask our employees:

  • High passion for their work
  • Desire and willingness to learn new things every day
  • Interest to experimenting innovative solutions
  • Give (and reach) ambitious goals

if you are interested to join in Qboxmail, please send us an email to

Open positions
Full stack developer

JavaScript developer

Python developer

Ruby developer

Linux Sysadmin