We use the best Open Source technologies

  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Bootstrap
  • Dovecot
The infrastructure grows and scales with you

Our infrastructure is based on dedicated storages, virtual and physical servers. Everything is designed for maximum scalability, and without having to stop our services for a second.
Emails are hosted on high quality and redundant dedicated storages that allow us to expand them whenever we need. The frontend systems like MX servers and antispam and antivirus gateways are hosted on high performance physical servers.

The remainder of the infrastructure is hosted on virtual servers that run in a high reliability environment. To guarantees maximum stability and high performance our databases are in a Master + N Slave asset.

On our SMPT and MX servers are installed policy server that prevent botnet from accessing to our infrastructure and send spam messages. If a user’s PC has a virus, and tries to send spam, our anti-spam systems will block the SMPT access in minutes and an alert comunicating the danger will be sent to the user.

All the servers are located in Italy, on Caldera street in Milan, in a ISO 9001:2008 certifacted datacenter. We have Gigabit connections directly with principals Carrier Tier 1 and MIX. Only us have the access to our datacenter.

your experience in mind. We wanted to make your Email management process as easy as possible. This is why Qboxmail is special!