Always one step ahead

Qboxmail infrastructure is based on a mix of dedicated storage, virutal and physical servers. Everything is designed for maximum scalability over time without stop of service.

Emails are hosted on high quality and redundant dedicated storages which allow to expand the available space in every moment. The frontend systems like MX servers and antispam and antivirus gateways are hosted on high performance physical servers with a low latency load balancers in front of them.


High reliability servers

The remaining part of the infrastructure is hosted on virtual servers that run in a high reliability environment.

To guarantees maximum stability and high performance our databases are replicated with Master + N Slave configuration. The backend databases, that led the validation of the access to the mailboxes, are totally separated from the frontend ones.

Antivirus and antispam

Policy servers are installed on SMPT and MX servers in order to prevent botnet from accessing to our infrastructure and send spam messages.

In case a PC of a user is affected by a virus, and tries to send spam, our system blocks the SMPT access within few minutes. Furthermore an alert message of a “potential compromised account” is sent to the user.

The best Open Source technologies

All control panels and management interfaces have been developed using the best Open Source technologies, with the specific goal to let even more easy your mailbox management. For this reason Qboxmail is unique!

  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Bootstrap
  • Dovecot

Server “made in Italy”

All servers are located in Italy, in Turin and Pisa, in a ISO 9001:2008 certifacted datacenter.

We have Gigabit connections directly with principals Tier 1 Carrier and MIX.

Access to the datacenter is only allowed to authorized people.

Start your 30 days free trial

Activate now your 30 days free trial. You will have full access to all Qboxmail features. Chose whether to buy or not only at the end of your trial period. The activation is immediate. To start using Qboxmail you only need to change the MX records of your domain.

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