ETLive helps you answer your customers’ queries about Emails they receive and send

Analyze the traffic log for incoming and outgoing emails in real time to solve problems faster.
Using APIs or the dedicated interface, your Help Desk or users can check sent and received emails and find out at any time whether an email has been delivered or is still in a queue. This also simplifies analysis for your technical support team

Analyze POP/IMAP connections for sent and received emails

ETLive analyzes the logs generated by Oboxmail’s infrastructure in real time. Via API or web interface it gives you just the information you need to understand whether there’s a problem and how to solve it.



ETLive analyzes the following email streams:

  • POP/IMAP and Webmail access
  • Incoming MX emails
  • Emails sent via SMTP
  • Login errors


For each stream ETLive shows whether the transaction was completed or a problem occurred, e.g.:

  • Failed login incorrect password
  • Login from unauthorized IP
  • Account or service disabled
  • Messagge rejected
  • Messagge in queue
  • Messaggio delivered
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