Qboxmail features

Work with domains

Domains are the primary resource when talking about emails. You need a domain to create new email addresses, and you need to be the administrator of the domain to add it to our service.

When you are in the panel, you can access to the domain section, using the tnavbar at the the top.

Now, you can see the list of your domains, every row gives the info about the domain:

in order

  • status of the domain: if the status is not a “green check”, you can click on iit to see the details of the errors (domain_status_1, domain_status_2)
  • name: if you click on it, you can edit some info
  • number of domain alias
  • number of mailboxes
  • number of email alias
  • action button : here you can disable it, change its postmaster password or delete it

You can use the search field at the top of the table to filter the results, or the filter tabs

To add a new domain, use the plus button in the top part of the page.

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