How to use Qboxmail


Qboxmail offers you 2 different webmail clients:

Webmail Standard

Webmail SOGo

You can use whichever you prefer, just use your email address to login in and work with your email.

If you want to associate your domain yo the webmail address, like this webmail.yourdomain you need to:

  • creare a CNAME record that from your domain will link to one of the webmail address.



type of record: **CNAME**
hostname: webmail.yourdomain
cname destination:

If you want, you can personalize also our SMPT, POP or IMAP addresses:

example SMPT:

type of record: **CNAME**
hostname: smpt.yourdomain
cname destination:

example POP3:

type of record: **CNAME**
hostname: pop.yourdomain
cname destination:

example IMAP:

hostname: imap.yourdomain
cname destination:
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