Qboxmail features

Type of User and roles available on Control Panel

The Qboxmail control panel has been designed to work in a multi-level mode to provide maximum flexibility for every kind of customer, such as resellers or companies with multiple departments.

Here are the types of users, each with its own role, who can access the email management panel with different privileges:

  • Customer
  • Manager
  • Postmaster
  • Final user

The “Customer” user is the owner of the Qboxmail account and has full access to all the features by the plan purchased. Access is made with the email entered at the registration stage.

Manager” user can be activated by Customer with a Reseller Plan and now allow 2 types of configuration. In the first configuration, Managers have the same customer level management on a limited group of domains. A useful solution for customers who need limited access for their resellers. The second configuration provide to managers the same level and autonomy of the customer. This is the best way for companies with distinct IT departments to allow multiple access. You can assign a “Manager” to domains already from the first time of the creation. Email notifications sent to Managers are whitelabel and with no logos or references to Qboxmail. Managers can access to the Control Panel with an email address chosen by the Customer in the assignment, the email address may also be outside Qboxmail.

The “Postmaster” user is created automatically whenever a new domain is added to Qboxmail. He can access to the single domain within the limits (number and size of email boxes) set by the Customer. The Postmaster user can see only the emails, alias, and forward associated with his domain and can enable a number of email boxes limited to the value specified by the Customer user or Manager when creating the new domain. Access to the control panel by this user is allowes with the email address postmaster@DOMINIO and the password entered during the creation of domain.

Final User” is the last one who manage the email account of the domain hosted by Qboxmail. He can access to Control Panel to set forward, autoresponder, verify the quota and use of mailbox, the status of email services and the last access to mailbox.

If you need to manage a single domain for others, don’t create a manager, the Postmaster user is already available and enabled for that purpose.

All users access the same control panel https://panel.qboxmail.com.

Each user can change their password, create or remove a new token API needed to use the Qboxmail API.


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