How to use Qboxmail

Set up Exchange ActiveSync

Qboxmail supports the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol that allows you to configure email access, access book and calendar sharing on mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets in a fast and easy way. EAS is supported by iPhone / iPad, Android and Outlook 2013 and 2016 without the need to install plugins.

The address book and calendar are the same the user has in Sogo webmail. It is possible to create new address books and calendars directly from the smartphone. In order to share with other users it is necessary to set it up from Sogo first. An event added to Outlook will also be visible in the Smartphone or Sogo webmail and vice versa.

The advantage of EAS is an easy configuration on mobile devices and Push notifications in real time for the delivery of new emails and events on calendar.

Set up Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone

  • Tap Settings > Mail > Account > Add account > Exchange
  • enter your email address, password and description (eg Qboxmail-EAS)

unless the autodiscover support is activated automatically, additional server information will be required:

  • Server: enter
  • Domain: leave the field empty
  • Username: enter your email address

Then, you can sync Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes.
When you have finished, tap Save.

Set up is complete, you can also change how often you want email to be synced by tapping Setting > Accounts and Passwords and select your Exchange account. We suggest to sync 1 mounth. The out-of-office is not supported.

Now you can read and send messages with Mail App and you will receive push notifications for new emails.

Set up Exchange ActiveSync on Android

On your Android device

  • Tap Settings > Accounts > Add account > Exchange
  • enter your email address and password and tap Next
  • select Manual setup

enter your additional server information

  • Domain\username: your email address
  • Password: your password
  • Exchange server:
  • Use secure connection (SSL): Yes
  • Port 443
  • select Push in Account options to choose the email checking frequency
  • You can also choose to synch your calendar, contacts, and reminders.

Setup is complete and now you can synchronize email, contacts and calendars in your Android device

Set up Exchange ActiveSync on Outlook

Exchange ActiveSync Setup is available from Outlook 2013 version.

  • Go to Windows Control Panel > Mail
  • Select Account Setup and click on New
  • Select Manual setup or additional server types and click on Next
  • select Exchange ActiveSync and click on Next
  • Enter your name, surname, email address and password
  • select ALL in Mail to keep offline

Setup is complete and now you can read and send messages with Outlook.

This setup provides you the ability to synchronize email, contacts and calendars with Sogo online (and other smartphone configured with Exchange ActiveSync).

For large mailboxes or where more speed is needed in message synchronization, we always recommended to use IMAP.

Limits of EAS: Global Address List does not synchronize to Outlook. The free busy information is not available.

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