Qboxmail features

Policy for authenticated SMTP service

Qboxmail guarantees a high level of deliverability of emails sent from our SMTP servers. In order to maintain a high service warranty we have set up policy about usa and sending limits on our SMTP.

Qboxmail smtp sending limits

The Authenticated SMTP of Qboxmail service is to be used in compliance with the following limits:

  • use is allowed to send personal emails by user’s email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Webmail or other email clients)
  • use is allowed for sending transactional emails from your billing / ecommerce systems
  • use is not allowed for Newsletter / Email Marketing
  • the maximum attachment size you can send is 50MB (remind that many mailboxes do not accept large attachments)
  • the maximum number of recipients for each single send is 150
  • the maximum number of authentication executable within 30 minutes is 100-150 (it varies for different factors)
  • the maximum number of different IP addresses from which a user can authenticate within 30 minutes is 5
  • any other type of abuse (to affect other users’ operation) causes the temporary blocking of the SMTP service
  • messages must have a sender (From) with an active domain on Qboxmail

Starting from the above limits, a maximum of 1000 emails per day can be sent per single email account. When this threshold is exceeded, SMTP returns a “Quota exceeded (number of mails in total)” error.

Additional SMTP Sending Packages:

In case you want to use our SMTPs for sending transactional emails from billing systems, order management, ecommerce (our SMTPs are compatible with WordPress, Magento, Prestashop and almost all CMSs) you can purchase delivery packages additional to the following costs:

  • 2000 daily messages per mailbox: 3€ +VAT / month
  • 5000 daily messages per mailbox: 6€ +VAT / month
  • 10000 daily messages per mailbox: 12€ +VAT / month

You can purchase this additional message packets directly in the control panel, by selecting Domains -> Email Account -> your email -> advanced -> OUTBOUND LIMIT and choosing the desired package. The amount will automatically be included in the next invoice.

We remind you that all the emails sent by our SMTPs are automatically signed with DKIM, and you can also enable a custom DKIM signature for your domain from the control panel.

Antiabuse e antispam policy

Policies and limits on our SMTPs are necessary to prevent any blacklist entries or penalties, to prevent any “botnet” emails that could fraudulently misled a user’s password or to avoid any abuse by the same users of the service.

Policy violations include blocking an SMTP account (all other features, including email retention, will be still active) when an irregular connection to the server or e-mail is detected. Irregular activity means: a large number of SMTP authentication in a few minutes, simultaneous authentication from multiple IP addresses or sending messages containing Spam / Phishing.

In any case, the block has been designed to not get into operation during the normal email sending activity by the user through the classic email and browsing tools (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Webmail, or other email clients). Instead, it may trigger the block if the account is connected in automated email delivery systems (such as Sendblaster or other newsletter software) or if you send massive emails from your email client or webmail.

The account in “SMTP Block” can be unlocked (or verified if it is locked), independently, from the control panel by the Qboxmail Domain Owner selecting: Domains -> yourdomain.it -> Email Account -> select the account locked -> Limits and click on the SMTP button that will go from red to green.

If after unlocking the same user will present new abuses, the account will be blocked by our operators and will remain locked until we receive a response by customer, confirming the resolution of the problem that it has caused spam / phishing emails (typically PCs infected by virus stealing mailbox passwords). The proper PC cleaning procedure require to remove the virus / malware responsible for data theft and after, the change of password.

Supervise and tracking emails with Etlive

Selecting ETLive -> Mail Sent available in the control panel, you can get a detail of messages sent from a specific domain account. This option can help diagnose the causes of the block.

Spam from SMTP account compromised and analyzed by Etlive

The SMTP service analyses outbound emails to detect the presence of Virus or Spam if these messages contain malicious material, for the recipient or the reputation of the Qboxmail server, sending is not permitted.

Send email rate limit for free trial period

During the free trial period, the max number of messages that can be sent is 25 per day, for email accounts, in order to avoid abuse. When this limit is exceeded, the sending SMTP server returns the follow error: “Quota exceeded (number of mails in total)“. The counter is automatically reset 24 hours after the first transmission. The limit is removed once the customer is purchasing the service.

Dedicated SMTP server

Users who need to send large amounts of email without incurring these limits can choose the dedicated SMTP Service to allow unlimited emails. The cost of this service is 30€ +VAT / month. To activate it, you can contact our support technician.

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