Qboxmail features

Mail Time Machine

With Mail Time Machine all users can view the status of their email backups for the last 15 days.

In order to use Mail Time Machine you need to enter your email address, your password and select the day of backup. Once logged inthe interface is very similar to a webmail but with limited functionalities (we provide a read only access). By default, only main folders are displayed like INBOX, SEND, Draft, Trash and Junk. If you have created other folders you can show them by clicking the Manage Folder button at the bottom left corner (Gear icon).

Backups are performed by NetApp’s Snapshot Technology at midnight every day and contain all messages in all folders present at the backup time in the User Mailbox.

Through MTM you can:

  • see all emails in the backup
  • download single email in EML format
  • download groups of email messages in MBOX or Maildir format

To download one or more messages, select the message and click on More > Download.

Backups are read-only, so messages can not be deleted or modified. Backups are related to messages on the server, messages via POP3 are not available. Instead users who use IMAP will find an exact “picture” of their mailbox.

If the users need to perform a full recovery of their Mailbox or just some folders, for example due to an accidental deletion, they can request to Qboxmail support staff to perform the operation under the conditions described in Backup and restore of mailbox accounts and emails.

Availability of backups is guaranteed through access to Snapshots present on replication storage which assures to the user the best availability of the service and the assurance that replication and security systems of data implemented in Qboxmail are working properly.

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