Email Archive

Introducing Email Archive

Documents, appointments, contacts and many other types of information are now increasingly contained in our emails. Often, for convenience, we use our mailboxes to store and retain this valuable information, risking losing it forever because of a moment of distraction or a technical problem.

With Qboxmail Email Archive this information is stored securely with no risk of data loss, thanks to read-only access to all archived messages.
Email archive automatically, securely and transparently saves and stores copies of all sent and received messages in the cloud, without software or plugins, for up to 10 years.

Email Archive is an extra paid-for service that lets you archive, store, search and export:

  • Emails
  • Files attached to emails

You can use Email Archive to:

  • Archive and store emails for up to 10 years
  • Grant third-party users with company authorization access to mailbox archives for legal purposes
  • Export and retrieve archived messages
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