Email Archive

Importing emails to Email Archive

Importing lets you automatically copy all the messages in your mailbox to Email Archive. The messages will be copied to the folder corresponding to their receipt/sent date and split into received and sent, according to your instructions.

Importing goes back in time for a period up to the retention period selected for the mailbox.

To import all a mailbox’s messages to Email Archive, you must have enabled the archiving service for the mailbox in question. You can import any IMAP messages in your mailbox.

Once importing has been completed successfully, if needed you can delete the messages from your mailbox to free up space.

To start importing:

  • Enter the Qboxmail control panel
  • Click on archive in the sidebar
  • Click on the domain name which the mailbox is part of
  • Click on the name of the mailbox for which you want to enable importing
  • Click on details
  • Click the start Importing button and follow the wizard:
    • select the folders you’d like to import by choosing where to store the messages they contain (received, sent, ignore)
    • Click the import button

Importing can be done only once and may take a few hours to complete. At the end of the process you’ll receive a confirmation email. You can track import status in the details section of the mailbox.

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