How to use Qboxmail

IMAP, POP and SMTP Settings

Qboxmail allows access to its POP3 IMAP and SMTP mail servers always through authentication with username and password. For your security, Qboxmail always requires to enable TLS and SSL encryption on your outbound connections.

Configuration settings for Users

Here we are the configuration setting to set in your email client:

POP3 access

  • Username (i.e.
  • Password
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 995
  • Security: TLS/SSL

IMAP access

  • Username (i.e.
  • Password
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 993
  • Security: TLS/SSL

SMTP access

  • Username (i.e.
  • Paassword
  • Hostname :
  • Port : 587 (in case of issues try with 25 or 465)
  • Security : TLS/SSL

Configuration settings for Resellers

Qboxmail provides to Reseller a fully whitelabel hostname to setting in every user’s client, download the file with Whitelabel Configuration to get access to Qboxmail services.

Concurrent connection limits

In order to preserve and maintain a stable level of service by all users, the number of simultaneous connections via IMAP (50 allowed) and POP3 (10 allowed) for a single user from the same IP address is limited.

In the event that a user reaches this limit will receive an error on their email client and it will be possible to find it on ETLive too.

For resellers with a large number of email accounts, it is possible to customize the hostname of access to the services through the use of CNAME DNS records. This type of configuration requires the addition of the custom domain on our SSL certificate, contact us for more information.

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