Email Archive

How Email Archive works

Email Archive service can be enabled for an entire domain or individual mailboxes. Copies of all messages received and sent by users are saved and stored in the cloud, without the need to install software or plugins.

The domain and mailboxes for which you want to enable the service must already be enabled and managed by Qboxmail.

Archived messages are accessible in read-only format and are retained for up to 10 years, with unlimited storage space available. Messages are automatically split into received and sent and organized by year.

Email Archive lets users or delegates search archived emails, export or retrieve them, and transfer them to the user’s mailbox. For each received or sent message, Email Archive sends a copy to a read-only mailbox accessible by web. Messages are categorized automatically into received and sent and organized by year.

Searching is fast and accurate because it’s based on a full-text indexing system.

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