Email Archive

Email Archive Roles

Enabling and management of the Email Archive service is handed to customers and managers (if relevant), who can enable, change or disable archiving services for domains they manage based on customer requests and their profile and payment plan settings.

Customers who pay via yearly billing can enable archive options up to the number requested at the time of purchase. If needed, you can purchase additional archive options by contacting the sales support team.

Customers who pay via monthly or reseller billing can enable unlimited archive options which will be billed the following month.

Managers can enable archive options up to the number assigned by the customer or the limit imposed for the domain.

Postmasters cannot currently manage the archiving service. However, if the option enable archiving for new mailboxes is on, postmaster-activated mailboxes will automatically have the email archiving service enabled.

Users for whom the service has been enabled can access their email archive with the same login details as their mailbox.

Delegates are users who can be assigned certain access privileges for users’ email archives.
Note: a delegate’s account is strictly personal.

The delegate’s role is designed for companies that need to grant access to their archives to external experts or consultants, legal figures, auditors, or internal delegates within the company.
Delegates can be created and managed by customers and managers.

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