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Delegates and access to Email Archive for legal purposes

Delegates are special users (Auditors) authorized by the company to access the email archive within certain limits.

Delegates’ role is to view part or all of users’ email archive to support internal audits or legal action to protect the company. All delegates’ activities are recorded in a special register (log).

Delegates’ access to Email Archive can be time-limited, so their login expires automatically on a specific date.

Searches in the email archive can be time-limited (eg. only emails sent and received in the first three months of the year). Viewing can be restricted to the message’s basic data (sender, subject and date) or full viewing of the entire message can be permitted.

To create a delegate, you must have a domain and at least one mailbox with Email Archive enabled.

The delegate’s account is personal and should be treated as such.

Creating a delegate

Enter the Qboxmail control panel.

Click on delegate in the sidebar.

Click on the create delegate button and follow the wizard:

  • Enter your name, surname, subscribing company, and the email address of the person you want to authorize to view your email archive.
  • Set the expiry date for the delegate you’re creating.
  • On the chosen date, their permission will be automatically revoked and the delegate’s access will be disabled.
  • Choose the time span for the archived messages the delegate can view
    select expiration -> select viewing limits -> next

Select a domain and choose the mailboxes which the delegate can view.
For each mailbox choose whether to:

  • Allow viewing of only essential data: sender/recipient, subject and date (SUBJECT)
  • Allow full viewing of messages (ALL)
  • Deny permission to view of all mailbox content (IGNORE)
    select domain -> select mailbox -> viewing options -> next

You can authorize a delegate to view mailboxes from multiple domains.

Confirm delegate creation.

Enabling a delegate is instant and an email with login credentials and instructions is immediately sent to the user.

The delegate’s authorization and existence will automatically cease on the chosen date.

You can change delegate settings by accessing the delegates section of the control panel.

Deleting a Delegate

To delete a delegate:

  • Enter the Qboxmail control panel
  • Click on delegate in the sidebar
  • Click on more for the card of the delegate you want to delete
  • Click on delete
  • Confirm deletion

Accessing the archive as a delegate

Delegates access the archive using their user ID as a username and the password chosen during activation. Access to the archive is via the dedicated page:

Delegate password recovery

You can start the password recovery process for delegates by accessing the delegate settings.
delegates -> delegate -> settings -> password recovery

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