Qboxmail features

Backup and restore of mailbox accounts and emails

Qboxmail provides a free email Backup service included in the monthly fee.

In case of missing emails without a personal backup available, the customer can request a recovery from our backups.

Our infrastructure provides regular process and system backups about user data and settings. These backups are executed several times a day, daily or weekly, (it depends on the type of data) and they are available to the technical staff in order to keep user data and infrastructure functionality safe from technical issues or human errors.

The recovery is not guaranteed in the case of email deleted immediately before the backup process or emails managed via POP3.

In order to check the status of backups or restore deleted emails, the users can use Mail Time Machine, a tool that provides backups for the last 15 days.

If the missing data is available to restore, it is possible to open a ticket to our technical staff, the backup restore costs 50€ + taxes that will be billed to the customer.

For all customers and users it is raccomended to schedule personal email and data backups on their devices and computers.

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