Email Archive

Email Archive Billing

Yearly billing

The customer has multiple archive options available up to the number requested at the time of purchase. If needed, additional archive options can be purchased by contacting the sales support team.

Monthly billing

The customer can enable unlimited archive options which will be billed the following month.

Because archiving options can only be enabled on already-active mailboxes, the number of requested or available mailboxes represents the maximum number of archive options.

Disabling a mailbox (or entire domain) or its archive option does not stop billing because the data continues to be retained and remains available on the system.

Billing of the Email Archiving service ends when the service is deleted from the system. The cost of the Email Archiving service is added to the cost of the mailbox.

A mailbox with Email Archiving enabled cannot be deleted – the archiving service must be deleted first to remove the mailbox as well. In order to remove a domain, all active Email Archives on domain mailboxes must be deleted first.

The cost of the Email Archive service is determined by your pricing profile and is shown on the prices page.

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