First steps

Avaliable space for email accounts

It is possible to activate two kind of email accounts:
8 GB and 25 GB. The available space of each email account cannot be combined or split.

Resellers can set lower limits for their customers’ accounts
(1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 6GB, 7GB, 8GB, 16GB, 25GB), in any case these will always be invoiced in 8GB or 25GB sizes, in based on the upper reference band.

Resellers can set a Default size (Default Quote) and a Maximum size (Max email Quote) for each domain, which are the default and maximum size that email accounts created under that domain can have in order to limit the possibilities of the Postmaster user.

The space used by the accounts can be checked in real time by the user through the Webmail, the Control Panel or through your email client configured with IMAP (if it supports the display of the quote, such as Thunderbird). The client or the Postmaster of the domain can check the quote of all its users from the control panel or through the API.

Email accounts also have a limit on the maximum number of email messages they can contain. The limit of the number of messages is only a protection system against any abuse and normally no user will ever reach it.

Notice of almost full mailbox (Quote Warning)

Qboxmail notifies users when they approach 100% of used space. In particular, email alerts are sent to exceed 80% and 95% of the space used. When 100% of the available space is reached, it is no longer possible to receive new emails and even the access to the email account can have problems. The email accounts that reach 100% of the quota must be expanded or email messages must be deleted from them.

Notice of almost full mailbox by Webhook or by Email 

Even Qboxmail customers can be notified when a mailbox is almost full or when it returns below a certain threshold. By accessing the control panel as Customer, you can choose to receive an alert either by a Webhook or by an email notification. Notifications by Webhook or  by Email are sent:

  • exceeding 80% of the quote
  • exceeding 95% of the quote
  • on return under 75% of the quote

To set these notifications go to the Qboxmail control panel, click on your
user name -> Settings -> Notifications -> “Email Account comes close to the maximum quota” and set a URL or email address to receive these notifications.
For more details on the use of the Webhooks see the Qboxmail API Documentation.

Postmaster email account fee

The “postmaster@DOMAIN” ‘s email account (being a service account) has 50MB of non-modifiable quote.


Ownership Check Procedure

Before we can start to host your emails on our servers, we need to verify that you are the admin (or one of them) of it.

Ownership check with DNS record

The procedure is easy:

  • Add a new in domain in the qboxmail panel
  • Click on the orange icon before the name of the domain (in the domains’ table)
  • It will appear the modal with the randomly generated DNS record in the format dXXXXXXXXX and the IP address that you wil need to insert in your DNS control panel.
  • Go to your DNS control panel, and insert an A record like this: and link it with the IP address:

be careful, some DNS panels work only with the first part of the record (**dXXXXXXXXX**), other need the full one (****)

  • To verify that everything went right, try to ping:

$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_req=1 ttl=57 time=14.1 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_req=2 ttl=57 time=10.4 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_req=3 ttl=57 time=10.6 ms

when you can see this kind of output, you can go to our panel and, in the modal, click on Ownership Check

Usually, modifications to the domain’s DNS can take up to 24 hours. This procedure is needed even for Alias Domains.

Ownership check with email

You can also verify domain ownership via Email if the domain is already active with another provider.
Select Domain and click Email. The panel will display a list of email addresses related to the domain (postmaster@, hostmaster@, webmaster@, info@) to which you can send a message containing a code. Once you receive the code you will need to log-in to the control panel, select the domain and enter it where required.

The domain ownership process is required also for domain aliases.

In the case you are unable to make a change to the domain DNS of your property, please contact us to find an alternative solution.

Migrate your existing messages to Qboxmail

To migrate your messages from other servers to ours, you need two things:

  • IMAP access on the old server
  • a CSV file with all the username and passwords of the mailboxes that you want to migrate

If you have what we need, go to Tools in our control panel, and follow the instructions in the Migration section.

Remember, before you can start a migration process, all the email accounts that you wanto to migrate must have already been created on our control panel.

Import your existing domains or email accounts in Qboxmail

With the Control Panel, “Customer” and “Manager” roles can import domains, email and alias accounts, to simplify and speed up the activation of many email accounts, instead of manually creating individual domains and email accounts.

Imports allow to create massively and automatically (from .CSV file by Excel or OpenOffice) the following resources:

  • Domain
  • Alias domain
  • Account email
  • Alias email

Each type of import needs a dedicated CSV file for each resource where you specify, for example, the domain list, email accounts, or email alias that you intend to create on the panel automatically.

Expert Mode: import of “Domains” and “Email Accounts” has a “Expert Mode” that can be selected when uploading the CSV file from the control panel. The Expert Mode also provides that optional CSV fields / columns are present, even if they are empty. In default mode the panel does not require the presence of optional fields / columns, and their presence causes a validation error.

Remind: before you import your email accounts, you need to create their domain even manually.

The control panel validates the file and reports any errors (for example, if the file is not in the text format or there are not all required fields). When the file is correct, the creation process starts immediately and you can check the accounts added. When the number of records exceeds the limits of your plan, excess records (such as email accounts) are placed in the “Blocked” state. In this case, you need to upgrade your plan or contact our sales support.

Remind: after you create the file, open the CSV with a text editor and remove the first row, or header row, with field names.

When the file is ready you can access the control panel and select:

Imports -> New Import

select the type of account to import and load the CSV file you created. If it is correct, it immediately goes to its queue for activating the resources.

Download the sample CSV with all the types of import:
CSV files:

Once the CSV file is loaded, the control panel validates it, depending on the result, the migration has a green icon if the file is correct or red if the file has errors. Clicking on the red icon you can see why the file was not accepted. In many cases there is an error “The supplied csv file does not conform to the required format.” Check the CSV file with a text editor, and delete the first line that returns the field names.

In case of any difficulty, please send an email to technical support with the error message and CSV file.
Techical Support:

DNS settings

Once all your domains and email accounts are set up correctly, all you need to do for start to receive all your emails on Qboxmail servers, it is to change your MX record as follows: with priority 10 with priority 20

Once you’ve done with the modifications, you can test that everything has gone right with your shell:

$ nslookup -q=mx mail exchanger = 10 mail exchanger = 20

Add your first Domain

The first thing you need to do when you open our panel, before being able to be operative and manage all your account, it is create your first domain.

To do that, click on domain in the top navbar and on the plus button.

Now you need to fill the fields, and press Save and your new domain will be created.

In this moment, the domain exist in our system, but nobody knows about it in the outside world. You need to show us that your have the rights of administrator, so you need to verify the ownership of it.

After having ended the ownership check process, your domain is active, and it is possible to activate its email account.

Remember of linking your MX record to our servers, or you want be able to receive your messages.

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