Control panel

Fully Self-Service and Multi-Level. A single Console for managing Emails from multiple Domains

The control panel is at the heart of Qboxmail. Designed and created entirely by our research and development team, it's designed to meet the needs of all types of customers, from professionals to resellers.

Qboxmail's services are available in fully Self-Service mode. Our control panel lets customers manager their mailboxes completely independently, from activation to technical support for users.

There are further dedicated tools for resellers, such as visual customization with SSL or multi-level access through Manager and Postmaster roles. Plus, if your company has a technical Help Desk team you can create specific access for each operator.

You can manage all your users' mailboxes on multiple domains from a single console. You can also let those in charge of domains and individual mailboxes manage them independently, with maximum Security and Privacy.

A single console for managing Email on multiple Domains

Key features

  • Single login to manage multiple accounts
  • Multi-Level (Customer, Manager, Postmaster, User)
  • White label and Customizable Settings by SSL
  • Manage Domains’ DKIM Signature
  • ETLive with more functions and information on errors
  • Webhook and Email Notifications
  • Autoresponder with time range
  • Tool to import and migrate emails

More Secure

  • Notification of failed login
  • Access using OTP
  • Restrictions based on IP
  • POP IMAP and SMTP access with IP limit
Control Panel Access
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