Calendar and Contacts

Events and Address Book always synced and shared across users and companies

Qboxmail lets you access your Calendar and Address Book from smartphones and share them with your coworkers. Events and Contacts are always synced across all the company’s employees and teams. Accessible via the CalDAV CardDAV ICS XML and Exchange ActiveSync protocols.


Sharing your calendar with your coworkers or synchronizing it across different devices like your PC, Laptop and Smartphone is now a requirement as well as a useful tool for organizing your day-to-day work. Qboxmail makes its services and tools available to all its users to so your daily tasks are always on hand and synced.

In addition to sharing a personal calendar, with Qboxmail you can create additional calendars to share with your team according to your needs, ensuring maximum confidentiality when necessary through privilege management.

The Qboxmail calendar is accessible through:

  • Webmail
  • CalDAV
  • ICS
  • XML

The Qboxmail calendar lets you:

  • Manage Free Busy
  • Have a personal calendar
  • Create multiple calendars
  • Share and sync calendars within a company
  • Sign up for remote calendars
  • Delegate management of your calendar
Calendar and contacts synchronised by Qboxmail

Address book

With Qboxmail, you can sync one or more address books and share contacts between your PC, Laptop and Smartphone.

As well as a Personal Address Book, you can create multiple address books to share within a company or with your co-workers, ensuring the utmost confidentiality by assigning privileges.

The Qboxmail Address Book is accessible via:

  • Webmail
  • CalDAV

The Qboxmail Address Book lets you:

  • Have a Personal Address Book
  • Create multiple Address Books
  • Share and sync Address Books within a company
  • Subscribe to Remote Address Books
  • Delegate management of your address book

Exchange ActiveSync

Qboxmail supports the ActiveSync Exchange Protocol (EAS) which allows you to quickly and easily configure email access, synchronization and address book and calendar sharing on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. EAS is supported by iPhone/iPad and Android.

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