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New languages available in Qboxmail!

Qboxmail in the world Qboxmail is growing and users who use our services all over the world are growing too. The number of foreign users who use our services every day has exceeded 20,000 units and is constantly increasing. Precisely...


Better manage multiple email accounts and custom signatures

Today, especially in the business environment, emails are increasingly a central tool in managing business relationships. Very often there is the need to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously or to allow multiple users to access and reply to messages contained...


API: discover the new features to manage Webmail’s localization settings

We at Qboxmail are working hard on our Webmail to give people a way to work with their business email with no compromises, and at the same time, we want to give our customers and resellers a frictionless way to...


50 GB Email Accounts now available: find out how to activate them

For some time our customers have asked us to have professional email accounts with a space larger than 25 GB and today we can say that we have satisfied this request. To do this, we focused on what the users'...


Large Email Accounts: how to resolve limits and issues

Companies ask providers for increasingly large email accounts. "My Webmail is slow", they say. This article explores the reasons leading to having full mailboxes, the issues with managing large inboxes, and the size limits that a webmail can have. It...


Strengthen Brand Identity with a customized Webmail

Taking care of your Brand Identity is very important, but equally important is taking care of the Employer Branding, the image that represents the company as a workplace, to attract and retain talented employees. What is a brand? A brand...

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