Build your Mail Server in Cloud via API and integrate it with your company processes

Simple integration with your applications

The goal of Qboxmail API is to let you manage a Mail Server programmable, with a simple and fast way.

With the API, the most demanding clients can create their own control panel integrating the Qboxmail services directly within their management company automation software.

Usable with every programming language (PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, C#, Java, Go) thanks to the fully RESTful compatibility.

Access to API documentation

What you can do with the Qboxmail API

  • Implement your Business Logic
  • Manage email accounts of your domain
  • Create email alias and forward
  • Create domain alias
  • Manage andispma level and DKIM signature
  • Bulk import of domains and emails
  • IMAP migration from your old server to Qboxmail
  • Analysis of log email traffic
  • Generate reports and metrics about consume

Experiment with Qboxmail API

Qboxmail provides the developers a safe environment (Sandbox) to allow the development tests with the API.

The purpose of Sandbox environment is the test of the API functionalities and the new control panel in order to learn to use at best the evoluted tools Qboxmail provides.

Ask a free access to Sandbox environment