Build your Cloud Mail Server using API and integrate it into your Business Processes

Link your Provisioning and Billing services to Qboxmail and automate the new services activation process using our APIs.

Qboxmail’s APIs aim to make managing a programmable Mail Server fast and straightforward. Using our APIs, discerning customers can create their own control panel and integrate Qboxmail’s services directly with their own business management or automation software.

Qboxmail’s API can be used with any programming language (PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, C#, Java, Go) thanks to full RESTful compatibility.

Automation Integration and Notifications via API

With Qboxmail’s API you can adapt your billing systems, monitor mailbox usage, and set up user notification systems for mailbox events, e.g. when an important message ends up in Spam.

Here are some examples of API usage:

  • Manage your domain’s mailboxes
  • Receive callbacks via Webhook or Email
  • Implement your Business Logic
  • Create email aliases and forwards
  • Create domain aliases
  • Import large numbers of domains and emails
  • Manage anti-spam settings and DKIM signatures
  • Generate consumer reports and metrics
  • Analyze email traffic logs
  • IMAP migration
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Experiment with Qboxmail’s APIs

Qboxmail provides developers with a secure environment (Sandbox) for testing and developing applications based on our APIs.
The Sandbox environment is designed to let you securely test API and control panel functionality to learn how to best use the cutting-edge tools provided by Qboxmail.

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