Antispam and Antivirus

Protection against Ransomware and Phishing. Reduce the risk of Email scams

Only the emails you want: Spam, Virus, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, and Scams are all rejected and suspect emails quarantined. You can manage your Whitelist and Blacklist independently, as well as customizing your AntiSpam settings.

All mailboxes hosted on our servers are protected by multiple levels of AntiSpam and AntiVirus tools for both incoming and outgoing emails to guarantee maximum deliverability, including for emails sent via SMTP.

Our AntiSpam analysis systems are based on algorithms that calculate reputation scores (both positive and negative) for the sender’s IP and URLs contained in the message. Constant monitoring of new domain registrations means we can predict and prevent new spam campaigns before they start.

Our AntiVirus systems are based on signatures provided by third parties specializing in identifying both known and 0-day threats, meaning new Malware, Ransomware and Phishing trends can be intercepted and blocked in real time.

How AntiVirus and AntiSpam system works

Qboxmail’s sophisticated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus system analyzes every message in transit on our servers, establishing the reputation of the sender’s server, the risk level, and appropriate response. Messages can be rejected immediately, stored in a special quarantine, or if they’re clean, delivered directly to your INBOX.

All the results of our Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus analysis can be analyzed using the ETLive Tool so you can check the email delivery status for both incoming and outgoing messages at any time.

The exclusive Policy systems on our SMTP servers guarantee maximum Deliverability for emails sent using Qboxmail.

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