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Qboxmail S.r.l. a Welcome Italia Group company

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Managing a Mail Server might seem easy to those who’ve never done it. It’s actually a very difficult and demanding task that requires constant attention, day in day out. Underestimating it can lead to the loss of data and valuable company resources.

Today, email is one of the most widespread and most used means of communication. As a result, it’s increasingly under attack from cyber criminals. Only by continuously updating infrastructure and personnel can you guarantee that email communications are efficient and secure.

This is the task we’ve given ourselves at Qboxmail: making sure your email communications are fast, secure and always available, every day.

Alessio Cecchi
Founder & CEO

Our story

Initially, “qbox” was just a name used for the configurations of a particular mail server based on Qmail, but we needed a dedicated server to install on.

Subsequently, “qbox” evolved and became a Self-Service control panel which could also be managed via API, and was capable of controlling very large and complex email infrastructure.

With the advent of Cloud services we decided to make our many years of experience managing Email solutions available to every company.

Qboxmail was set up in 2013 to offer Cloud Email Hosting services to Web Agencies and ISPs. Today, our services are used by more than 40,000 users across Italy and Europe.

The Welcome Italia Group

In September 2016 Qboxmail joined the Welcome Italia Group with the aim of developing the market for Cloud-based email services dedicated to businesses.

Founded in 1999, Welcome Italia is a telecommunications operator that offers “Vianova”: unique business services integrating traditional network services (such as telephone systems and internet access) with advanced collaboration services. Welcome Italia is based at two sites in Massarosa (LU) and Montacchiello (PI), where its two Data Centers (totalling 2.5 Megawatts of power) host the infrastructure for the provision of the group’s services.

The Group in numbers

55M of Euros

consolidated revenues in 2016





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