About Us

The company

Qboxmail is a service developed and managed by Qboxmail S.r.l., a company composed by a team with over 10 years of experience in managing email infrastructure for ISP. Qboxmail is RIPE Lir Member and manages autonomously its IPv4 and IPv6 classes through which Qboxmail services are provided. Since September 2016, Qboxmail joined  Welcome Italia Group with the aim of developing the market of Email Services in cloud dedicated to business companies.

At the beginning “qbox” was just a way to refer configurations of an email server based on Qmail, but a dedicated server to install it was need. Later “qbox” evolved and became a Self Service control panel driven by API able to manage big and complex email infrastructures. With the arrival of the cloud services, we decided to expand our ten-year experience and create Qboxmail and make it available to all companies.

Qboxmail, already used by more than 35.000 users in Italy, wants to become the point of reference for all companies seeking an economical and reliable solution to communicate via email to their customers, collaborators, and suppliers.

Our goal is to create a network of partners consisting of:

  • System Integrator
  • Hosting Provider
  • Web Agency
  • IT Consultants

Qboxmail can be used as a SaaS product if you use all of our management interfaces via Web. While the developers can use API by leveraging the service as PaaS to create their own email solution on top of our platform.

Choose the way to use you prefer


Use our Email Services by leveraging the Webmail and Control Panel so that you are immediately operational


Build your Email Platform using our APIs and leveraging the scalability of our infrastructure

Better than a Dedicated Mail Server

Qboxmail is designed to offer you the same performance and flexibility as a dedicated Mail Server but without having to worry about hardware and server management. We also provide technical assistance and support for migration process from your current email server to Qboxmail at no extra cost.