Qboxmail is powered by Cecchi Business Solutions, a company that operate in the email infrastructure field from over 10 years


At the beginning “qbox” it was just a way to refer configirations of a mail server based on Qmail, but it needed a dedicated server on which install it. Later “qbox” became a Self Service dashboard controlled via API. It was possibile to manage big and complex infrastructures. With the arrival of the cloud services, we decided to expand our ten-year experience and create Qboxmail, conceived with developers and resellers in mind


Qboxmail is already used by more than 25.000 italian users, and aims to help companies to host their email servers with its inexpensive services


Our goal is to create a network of:

  • System Integrator
  • Hosting Provider
  • Web Agency
  • IT Consultant


It fits your needs

Qboxmail can be used as a SaaS product, through our control panel. But you can also use our services through our API, and automate the processes you need.


Use our service taking advantaged of out tools: with our Webamil and Control Panel you can be operative right away


Build your email platform lying on our infrastructure using our API

Better than a Dedicated Mail Server

Qboxmail is designed to offer you the same performance and flexibility of a Dedicated Mail Server but without the need of worry about the hardware and the configuration and mantainance of the servers. We offer technical support during the migration without extra costs.